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Prideability Episode 7: featuring Anne Vernon

on Monday, 17 December 2018.

Prideability Episode 7: featuring Anne Vernon













Host David Frye speaks Anne Vernon who is currently a Senior Manager with Howard Center in Burlington, VT. She administers a staff team that supports 130 adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, and co-occurring mental illness. Additionally, Anne leads several groups that she developed for individuals on the Spectrum, to include: a Women’s Group, a Group for Individuals who are Trans/Questioning & Allies, a Video and Gaming Group, and Chess, Checkers, and Cribbage groups. Anne’s philosophy is to support each person individually to reach their goals by helping them to develop strategies to be successful. She is involved in community building and seeks to provide education about barriers individuals on the Spectrum often face.

Prideability is a series focused on disabilities in the LGBTQ community. The host, David Frye, is a founder of the Disability Network at the Pride Center of VT. He addresses issues, concerns, and provide information that will help educate others on this topic in Vermont and across the country.

Watch the newest episode here: https://www.retn.org/show/prideability-episode-7-featuring-anne-vernon

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