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Mike Bensel (he/him/his), Executive Director


Mike Bensel is Executive Director at Pride Center of Vermont.  He has been an HIV/AIDS educator, tester, advocate, and has a strong queer programming background working with Outright Vermont, SafeSpace and serving on the founding board of Pride Center of Vermont. Having a rich history with the center allows Mike to have a strong connection to the mission and values of the organization. As a queer man committed to social change, he is closely connected to the importance of HIV/AIDS prevention and education within our LGBTQ communities.  Because of the Pride Center’s collaborative culture and commitment to social justice, it has been a longtime personal objective to work toward shared success with such a dedicated team. Mike is a Tobacco Cessation Counselor.


Justin Marsh (they/them/theirs), Communications & Development Director

Justin Marsh 1

Justin Marsh is the Communications & Development Director at the Pride Center of Vermont. Justin grew up in Cambridge, VT on a dairy farm. They attended Lamoille Union High School (’07), and hold a degree in Business Management from Northern Vermont University (’11). In 2012, Justin ran as an independent for Vermont House at the age of 23. They are a published editor (Tasteful Traditions, Red Barn Books, 2014), and have held or currently serve in several positions on other local non-profit or municipal boards, including Lamoille Young Professionals, Cambridge Historical Society, Cambridge Conservation Commission, Cambridge Economic Development Advisory Committee, and Cambridge Arts Council. In 2016, they helped write the grant known as The Silo Project, which transformed two abandoned concrete silos into the largest outdoor public art installment in the state of Vermont. Justin is a previous board member of Outright Vermont and still spends time volunteering for the organization as a Friday Night Group co-facilitator in Lamoille County. 

Justin joined the PCVT staff in November 2018, after contracting with the organization on several projects like the "You Deserve" campaign for SafeSpace, the "Got 'Em? Screen 'Em" campaign with Health & Wellness, and as Coordinator of the 2018 Pride Vermont Parade & Festival.  They own a small, boutique marketing communications firm, Typha Marketing, based in their hometown. They spend their free time performing across Vermont as Emoji Nightmare. Emoji can be found all across the state supporting LGBTQ+ events and creating intentional queer spaces in rural places. Emoji previously co-hosted The T, alongside Nikki Champagne, a local access television production that focused on arts and activism in the state of Vermont, and can now be seen at your local libraries doing Drag Queen Story Hour. A large component of the work they do professionally and personally is to advocate for the rural counties of Vermont (#theother13), moving towards giving them a voice and providing services to their area. 

Taylor Small (she/her/hers), Director of Health and Wellness

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Taylor Small is Director of Health and Wellness at the Pride Center of Vermont. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development & Family Studies, and a minor in Gender Identity and Sexuality Studies. Taylor is committed to community building and youth empowerment, as seen through her previous work at the Howard Center, Spectrum Youth & Family Services, Northwestern Counseling and Support Services, and a previous Board Member at Outright Vermont. She has a clear passion and drive to support the larger LGBTQ+ community of Vermont and frequently puts on programming across the state to increase queer and trans visibility.

Taylor is a fierce activist by day, and at night she becomes the wildly entertaining Nikki Champagne. Nikki can be found all around town supporting LGBTQ+ events including First Friday, Queen City Drag Cabaret, New Queers Eve, Comedy Queens, and more! Nikki previously co-hosted The T, alongside Emoji Nightmare, a local TV production that focuses on arts and activism across the state of Vermont, and can now be seen at your local libraries doing Drag Queen Story Hour.

Skylar Wolfe (Sky, he/him, or they/them), Director of SafeSpace

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Skylar is a queer, trans-masculine, and non-binary activist that is passionate about exploring the ways that LGBTQ+ people navigate balancing perception, visibility, and authenticity. Sky seeks to empower people to challenge not only themselves, but the cultures around them. He believes that if people can learn to both stretch and love themselves, they can also learn to both stretch and love the world. Skylar is cheesy, witty, and refreshingly transparent.

As a staff member, Skylar deeply values humility, lifelong learning, and  remaining continually reflexive to the community's needs. Sky simultaneously works towards holistic community mental health and collective social justice. 



Gustavo Mercado Muñiz (they/them/theirs), Transgender Program Coordinator

[Image of Gustavo (smiling joyfully)]Gustavo is a queer, non-binary puertorriqueñe born and raised on the island, and they are excited to work as our Transgender Program Coordinator, supporting and uplifting a community that means so much to them. They are a recent graduate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a focus on intersectional feminism and its roots in communities of color. They are a passionate LGBTQIA+ and racial activist who wants to work on making spaces more accessible and safe for all folks in the community and the intersections of their identities.

Gustavo is always open to learning more about identities and the ways that they can be challenging and empowering for folks here in Vermont. Being very new to the state, they are looking forward to exploring a new place and meeting wonderful new people. In this role Gustavo hopes to help create networks of care and empowerment for all of us in the trans (and overall LGBTQIA+) community. Gustavo is a hugger, avid reader, Beyoncé stan, and will never say no to good vegetarian food!


Johnny Chagnon (he/him/his), Health & Wellness Coordinator

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Johnny is a Health and Wellness Coordinator at the Pride Center of Vermont. Although he is a native to Burlington with a degree from Champlain College, he has worked with diverse populations across the country in HIV Prevention. One of his many passions includes connecting with fellow HIV+ individuals to encourage treatment adherence, fight against HIV stigma, and offer peer support. He also has tested thousands of people for HIV over the past five years and will go above and beyond to connect a client to PrEP/PEP, or a newly diagnosed client to everything they need to be on the road to wellness.

As a GLAM coordinator, he helps produce community-building events that encourage healthy relationships for gay/bi/trans men and support positive role models in our community. The most important point is that he is a fierce coffee lover and will most always be down to meet you and chat over a cup!



Reggie Condra (he/him/his), Health & Wellness Coordinator

IMG 3565Reggie Condra is a Health and Wellness Coordinator at the Pride Center of Vermont. A native Midwesterner, Reggie has lived in the Northeast Kingdom and Burlington for over a decade. Noting a general lack of visibility, Reggie began a podcast ("Brown 'n Out") highlighting LGBTQ people of color living in Vermont in 2018. Through his work at the Pride Center, Reggie aims to better serve the needs of all community members with special focus on these intersecting identities.







Anne Moyerbrailean (she/her/hers), SafeSpace Anti-Violence Coordinator

Anne Staff Pic

Anne is the SafeSpace Anti-Violence Coordinator at the Pride Center of Vermont. She first came to Vermont to study at UVM where she double majored in German and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. Eager to keep learning and growing, Anne went on to complete a Master’s of Social Science in Gender Studies: Intersectionality and Change at Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden.

Prior to working at SafeSpace, Anne spent her time outside of the classroom volunteering for an organization that advocates for the rights of LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers in Sweden. Anne is excited to continue her work advocating for members of the LGBTQ+ community in her position at SafeSpace. Anne is a queer, intersectional, and environmental feminist and activist who is passionate about fostering inclusive and safe LGBTQ+ communities in Vermont. In her free time, Anne loves snuggling her kitties, reading books, and enjoying the Vermont outdoors!



Jordan Young (he/him/his), SafeSpace Coordinator for Migrant Anti-Violence Program

Jordan FTPull1Jordan is thrilled to be working at the intersection of LGBTQ anti-violence work, access to justice and services for Vermont’s Spanish speaking migrant farmworkers, and coordination with organizations that work with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Jordan is a 2018 graduate of the UVM MSW program; prior to attending UVM, he spent 40 years in various aspects of the information technology industry concentrating mostly on sales, support, and technology policy in Latin America. Along the way he co-authored a small handful of computer books, including some in the "... for Dummies" series. In recent years he has been a volunteer interpreter for the Open Door Clinic in Addison County. Jordan is trained in the "Our Whole Lives" sexuality education curriculum and has taught that program for most of the past 20 years. He is a passionate Unitarian Universalist, meditator, and aficionado of minimalist music (and more casually, of jazz), and a learner - on-going and forever.

Jordan lives in Cornwall with his wife Margaret; they raised two children, now young adults, Meg and Zac, of whom they are inordinately proud. He is finding the process of coming out as queer after a relatively conventional-looking upper-middle-class life to be quite interesting.






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