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Thank you to those who had a hand in putting this together:  This skill share will start with an overview of the process of changing name and gender marker on state and federal IDs for Vermont residents. This information is speaking to Vermont residents. Vermont residents who were born out of state can work within this process. We will go over the name and gender marker change process from start to finish.

Getting Started: A Note

Make copies of EVERYTHING!!
  • Make copies of old IDs
  • Make copies of completed applications
  • Make copies of physician verification forms
  • Make copies of court orders and new IDs
  • When possible, submit copies instead of official documents, or request copies be made of official documents instead of giving them away in name change process.

Certified Birth Certificate Copies

  • Obtain 2 official copies of original birth certificate.
  • They will cost $10 each. Check or money orders should be made payable to Vermont Department of Health
  • See 1st form of packet: “Application for a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate”
  • Walk into the Clerk’s office where you were born and fill out the application in person
  • Additionally, you can find the application online at: healthvermont.gov/research/records/birth_form.aspx
  • Mail to Vermont Department of Health Vital Records, P.O. Box 70, Burlington VT 05402

Petition of Name and Gender Change

  • See 2nd form of packet: “Petition of Adult to Change Name”
  • See 3rd form of packet: “Petition for Issuance of Order Confirming Gender Reassignment for Purposes of Obtaining New Birth Certificate: Change of Gender”
  • See 4th form of packet: "Affadavit of Physician in Support of Petition for Issuance of New Birth Certificate". This must be signed and notarized at your physician's office. 

In addition to petitions, you need:
  • $150 for name change, $40 for gender change, $150 if filed together (checks or money order should be made out to Vermont Superior Court)
  • An official copy of Birth Certificate

Filling Out Petitions

  • Fill out your petitions with current legal name- do not sign ahead of time!
  • Submit petitions and physician’s affidavit in person to your local probate court
  • Submit with an official copy of your birth certificate and check or money order for cost of petitions
  • Sign in the presence of the clerk at the probate court
  • The current practice is that a court date is not required. This may vary depending on county.    

Receiving Court Orders

  • Now, you wait!
  • The court orders will take 2-4 weeks to return to you.
  • You will receive two official copies of each court order. See examples in packet.
  • You will receive a letter instructing you to pick up your new birth certificate at the Clerk’s office in your town of birth.
  • The Clerk's office has 30 days to make the change to your birth certificate. 

Social Security Card

  • Apply in person at your local Social Security Office
  • The application only available at Social Security Office
  • Bring Court Orders, photo ID, and certified copy of birth certificate (old or new), and current social security card
  • Complete application with the Social Security representative
  • If changing gender, make sure the marker has been changed (gender marker is not visible on SS Card)
  • Get a printed report that your name and gender change has been filed (ask for proof of filing name and gender change)
  • New social security card will arrive by mail in 7-10 business days
  • Does not cost anything to change. 
  • Once social security has been changed, your credit will show no history. One needs to follow up with credit history companies to change this.

Birth Certificate Information

  • The town of your births’ Clerk’s office has 30 days from the court order issue date to make changes to your birth certificate.
  • Either wait the 30 days for the changes to be made or call the Clerk’s office and inquire if the changes have been made.

Getting a New Birth Certificate

  • Walk into the Clerk’s office in your town of birth
  • Bring court orders and photo ID
  • Ask for two official copies of birth certificate
  • Copies cost $10 each. Checks can be made out to the clerk’s office
  • Check to make sure name and/or gender have been changed
  • With name change only, birth certificate will be “updated:” old name will be struck through and new name will be written above it.
  • A new birth certificate (without strikethroughs) is issued with a gender change
  • If your town of birth in Vermont is too far to travel to in person, call the Clerk’s Office and find ask how you can obtain 2 copies of your updated birth certificate. 
    • Ask if the birth certificates can be sent to you, or if a designated person can pick them up for you. 
    • Each birth certificate will cost $10
    • A copy of your photo ID and application may need to be sent to the Clerk’s office

Out of State Birth Certificates

  • State-to-state policy around changing gender marker varies. Look up your state’s current policy.
  • Home states that have similar gender change policies to Vermont may be able to change birth certificates with a Vermont Court Order and Physician's Affidavit or doctor's letter. To coordinate this, contact your town of birth's Clerk's office. 
  • Home states may have more challenging policies for changing gender marker on the birth certificate (ie. proof of completed GRS).
  • As a Vermont resident, all other IDs issued in VT can be changed to reflect your name and gender marker.
  • Together, a certified copy of original birth certificate, Physician's Affidavit or doctor's letter, and Vermont Court Order of Gender Change can take the place of an updated birth certificate. 
  • These documents link you as a person born in the US with your new name and gender marker. 

Driver's License

  • You will need: current driver’s license or non-driver’s license, court orders, social security card, updated birth certificate, and two pieces of mail with new name and current address (or current lease).
  • If you don't have an updated birth certificate, you will need to present a copy of a Physician's Affidavit to change gender marker and a certified copy of your original birth certificate.
  • Apply in person at your local DMV. See 5th application in your packet: “Duplicated/Corrected Registration/Licence or Learner’s Permit”
  • A license update costs $10
  • Renewal costs current fee ($32 for a 2 year, $51 for a 4 year license)

Car Registration

  • Car registration will automatically update with your new name upon renewal.
  • Your license number is attached to your vehicle registration, so updates to driver’s license automatically update in the car registration system.
  • Follow up with your auto insurance ASAP!


  • Apply in person at a passport-designated United States Postal Office (use Google or call your local post office for details).
  • See 6th application in your packet: “US Passport Application.”
  • See also: “Understanding the Passport Gender Change Policy” in packet.
  • Photo for passport
    • 2” x 2”
    • Most post offices that can do passport applications also take passport photos
    • CVS also takes passport photos ($13 cost)
What you will need:
  • Driver's license or non-driver’s license with current name and gender, birth certificate with current name and gender
  • If you do not have an updated birth certificate, you will need court orders and a Physician's Affidavit of gender change
  • Costs $110 for a new passport with passport arriving in 6-8 weeks.
  • Expedited passport processing costs an additional $60, arrives in 2 weeks

Process Overview Checklist

Make copies of everything!
Find this checklist in your packet
  • Obtain 2 certified copies of original birth certificate, $20
  • Have your doctor fill out and notarize an “Affidavit of Physician in Support of Petition for Issuance of New Birth Certificate.” Ask for two copies of this.
  • Fill out “Petition of Adult to Change Name”
  • Fill out “Petition for Issuance of Order Confirming Gender Reassignment”
  • Sign and submit your petitions  for name and gender change at local probate court. Submit with Physician’s Affidavit, Certified Copy of original Birth Certificate, and $150 payable to Vermont Superior Court. ($40 if only filing gender change, $150 if filing only name change).
  • Receive name and gender change court orders
  • Obtain new Social Security card. Apply in person at local social security office. No expense.
  • Obtain two copies of new birth certificate, if able. $20 in Vermont. If not able to get birth certificate updated, use gender change court order, physician's affidavit, and old birth certificate. 
  • Obtain new driver’s licence. Apply in person at local DMV. $10 for update, $32 for 2 year, $51 for 4 year.
  • Obtain new passport. Apply in person at an official passport-filing post office. Specific 2x2 photo required. $13 for photos, $110 for passport, $60 for expedited processing

Post Name-Change Checklist

  • Post Office/Mail
  • Memberships
  • Vehicle title
  • Health: medical records, dental, etc. 
  • Employment
  • Will
  • Voter Registration
  • Online accounts
  • Email accounts
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Deeds/property titles

Resources and Follow-up

  • TransForm Project: peer mentorship program connecting trans and gender nonconforming Vermonters to help each other navigate legal and medical transition processes using personal experience and community-created resource modules.
  • Pride Center Legal Clinic: free, 3rd Tuesday of every month 6-8 pm at the Pride Center. Provides one time legal advice about your rights and responsibilities, advice on your options for dealing with legal issues, and information about how the legal system works so you know what to expect.
  • Local legal aid volunteers: they have templates for name changes, and put together the guide for name changes! Here to help!