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Pride Center Pulls for Queer & Trans Youth

on Thursday, 05 October 2017.

Pride Center Pulls for Queer & Trans Youth

This past weekend the Pride Center participated in Outright VT's Fire Truck Pull fundraiser. It was awesome! A mixture of staff, volunteers and community members came together to raise $1000 for Outright, and hauled together to pull a 40,000 pound fire truck up Church St. We didn't pull the fastest, and we didn't win any of the contests, but we DID look fabulous and we had a blast. We were thrilled to be part of the most successful Fire Truck Pull ever, which raised over $50,000 all together. It was such a fun experience coming together as a community to support the important work that our friends at Outright do for queer and trans youth in Vermont. Many thanks to those of you who donated, those of you who pulled, and those of you who cheered us on. We appreciate you! We're excited to keep building our connection with Outright and keep working to make Vermont a safer and more affirming place for LGBTQ+ folks of all ages. 

♥ PCVT ♥ ORVT ♥!!!

Photos by James Buck; check out Outright's Facebook page to see more pics of the event!

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