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GLAM to Host Anti-Racism Discussion Series

on Friday, 25 August 2017.

GLAM to Host Anti-Racism Discussion Series

There is no doubt that racism has a stronghold in this country. Many people have the misconceptions that racism isn’t as prevalent in liberal Vermont, doesn’t exist within the LGBTQ community, or doesn’t exist at all.  Race and racism are topics of discussion often shared around the GLAM table as we discuss everything from Steven Universe to hookup apps. Some folks have been feeling a need to dig deeper into issues of racism and oppression, particularly in response to some of the recent demonstrations of white supremacy like the events in Charlottesville, VA. In response to this interest, GLAM will be introducing a 3 – part discussion series where we’ll examine white supremacy and work towards a developed understanding of the most effective ways of resisting white supremacy in our personal lives, professional environments, and within our community. Your continued and enthusiastic participation is of the utmost importance to this project. Everyone is welcome. We strongly encourage our white group members to participate in this discussion series, as we believe building knowledge amongst our white members and providing space where we can collaboratively take on this important work is integral to the series.

How to get involved:

Save the date: Discussion Series

Session 1: Tuesday, September 26th 6:30pm

We’ll be starting the series by talking about the blatant examples of emboldened racism currently making headlines in our nation. A friend of Pride Center recently shared the Slate article “How the Alt-Right Is Using Sex and Camp to Attract Gay Men to Fascism”, which we will be using as an entry point into a discussion about how white supremacy manifests in all of our lives.


To help organize future discussions. Contact mike@pridecentervt.org


Check out Peace and Justice Center’s White Fragility Talk on Saturday, August 26th at 3:30pm. For more info and other events visit  http://www.pjcvt.org/events/



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