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David Frye Hosts Prideability: Guest John Kilacky

on Tuesday, 20 March 2018.

David Frye Hosts Prideability: Guest John Kilacky

Hosts Paul Engels and David Frye speak with John R. Killacky, executive director of Flynn and their first guest on Prideability. John has made numerous films and videos in his hybrid career. In his most recent exhibition, his work focuses on AIDS-related works from the '90s, disability-themed pieces from the 2000's and two recent video collaborations with Vermont artists; Todd R. Lockwood and Art Bell. His award-winning work has been screened internationally at films festivals; broadcast on PBS, Free Speech TV, and Cultura24 in Holland.

About the Hosts: David Frye is the Disability Network Group Facilitator at the Pride Center of VT.

Paul Engels is a concerned citizen of South Burlington.

To watch more videos produced in Vermont, including documentaries, local events, and more, visit any of the following RETN sites:




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  • Mike Bensel

    Mike Bensel

    04 April 2018 at 14:48 |
    Amazing work, David!


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