2nd Annual Vermont Burlesque Festival

on Monday, 15 December 2014. Posted in Events

2nd Annual Vermont Burlesque Festival

The 2nd Annual Vermont Burlesque Festival is back and BIGGER than before... January 22-25, 2015! 

Last year, more than 55 burlesque performers, comedians, and variety acts graced the two festival stages over a two night period, each night offered a different experience than the other.  The time that remained between each night’s showcase was filled with scintillating burlesque activities, including a burlesque bowling event, burlesque classes and a film festival.   

This year, they are bringing back more performers and more nights of fun. A portion of proceeds benefit the Pride Center of Vermont and the Vermont Cancer Center. Check out a full schedule of events on their website, or follow Vermont Burlesque Festival on Facebook.

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