PRIDE Parade logistics info... and questions

PRIDE Parade logistics info... and questions
Greetings parade participants
We’re checking in regarding the PRIDE parade on Sunday, September 11.
Some information for you:
  • Parade line-up & staging will start at 11:30 AM at the Hood Plant parking lot (on King St. between Church St. and S. Winooski).  The parade leaves the staging area at 12:30, moves to the top of Church St. and then left on Pearl St. to Battery Park.  Police officers will be at the major intersections and traffic volunteers at appropriate side streets.
  • Participants/Groups will be assigned a position within the parade line-up once they arrive at the staging area…look for the guys with clipboards.
  • We anticipate about 40+/- groups marching.  Parking will be a challenge (no parking available in the staging area) so please plan accordingly.
  • As mentioned on the enrollment form and in earlier emails— humorous and useless prizes will be awarded for groups that have the best combination of 
    • Crowd Pleasing
    • Expression of Theme (Solidarity)
    • Costume & make-up
  • IMPORTANT - Nothing can be tossed/thrown along Church Street.  No confetti, streamers, candy, etc.  If you have hand-out items… that’s OK.
Some information for us  — Please respond:
  • If you will have a vehicle and/or float, please describe (type / approximate length / towed ?? / etc.)
  • How many in your group (estimate)?
  • Primary contact for your group on day of parade?    Name / email / cell
Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.
Thanks much,
Doug & Fred

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