Drop-In Assister Hours: Vermont Health Connect

From 11/21/18 12:00 pm until 11/21/18 7:00 pm
Posted by Taylor Small

Vermont Health Connect Assisters, Victoria & Nicole, will be joining us at Pride Center to provide drop-in Assister hours to help with Open Enrollment applications.

Assisters are available now in communities throughout the state to help individual Vermonters, small employers, and their employees understand their health care options. Assisters are able to assist you with finding a health plan that meets your needs and budget, completing an application, and, if you qualify, accessing financial help.

What Can I Expect from My Assister?
• All Assisters have been trained by Vermont Health Connect staff
• All Assisters are required to have a criminal background check upon employment as Assisters.
• Prior to obtaining access to the Vermont Health Connect enrollment system, all Assisters must meet Vermont Health Connect certification requirements
• Whether you are an individual or a small business owner, Assisters should be able to answer your questions about Vermont Health Connect or find the answers for you

Additional Assistance
Assisters are just one piece of Vermont Health Connect’s comprehensive consumer assistance program. Vermont Health Connect also offers an enrollment support unit and a Vermont-based call center (toll-free 1-855-899-9600). Together, these resources are ensuring that Vermonters can get the enrollment help they want, online, by phone or in-person.