Guerrilla Queer Bar of Burlington

From 08/11/18 7:00 pm until 08/11/18 11:00 pm
Posted by Taylor Small
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August 11th 7-11pm (Location announced on social media)
Inaugural Guerrilla Queer Bar Takeover

Join fellow LGBTQ+ people for a monthly party where queer community gathers to have fun collectively and queerly inclusive and affirming of all queer and trans spectrum identities.

FOLLOW US FOR UPDATES ON FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM @guerrillavt or call our hotline on the day of the event after noon to find out this month's location. 802-489-6496


About Guerrilla Queer Bar | Burlington

Guerrilla Queer Bar (sometimes known as Guerrilla Gay Bar) is a model used in cities around the country and world where the LGBTQ+ community intentionally gathers in a bar or club that might otherwise be assumed to be a “straight” or hetero-centric/cis-centric venue. It’s an opportunity to gather, connect, drink, dance, meet Mx./Ms./Mr. Right?, and most importantly, have fun in a large group of inclusive and affirming queer and trans spectrum people (LGBTQ+ ACE + GNC). For some people, this also feels like the safest way to go out and be queer.

This group embraces the vision that together, united, we are stronger, happier, healthier, and safer. Too often, LGBTQ+ parties and events self-divide based on gender/sex and age; this group is emphatically committed to fostering an inclusive space where LGBTQ+ people of all ages (21+ for most venues, 18+ for some venues), genders and sexual identities are coming together to have fun and our queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) community members feel safe, affirmed, and respected.


Each Month a date will be set for Guerrilla Queer Bar Burlington in advance and announced on this Facebook page and Instagram. If all goes well, you will hopefully hear about the events simply through your own social circles as well but be sure to follow us or sign up for alerts so you don’t miss out! The location will be announced by noon the day of in order to preserve the “guerrilla” element of the model.


The most helpful way to make Guerrilla Queer Bar a success is being there and reaching out to your friends to encourage them to come. Help us expand the circle. Additionally, help us promote the event the day of and day before on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, GroupMe/text or any other places queer people exist digitally. Please contact us by clicking the send message button on the main page.