Sexual Health Series: Aphrodisiacs for Arousal and Enjoyment

From 03/28/19 6:30 pm until 03/28/19 8:30 pm
Posted by Reggie Condra

Aphrodisiacs: something that stimulates sexual desire. Can medicinal plants really alter libido? Yes, herbs are super sexy. Herbal aphrodisiacs not only act on sexual arousal, but also play a role in sensuality, nourishment, energy, relaxation and pleasure. Participants will come away with an idea of how herbs, diet, and lifestyle can support a healthy, balanced and enjoyable sexual wellness. This class is created for folks of all genders, sexual orientations and experience levels.

Cost: $18 in advance, $20 the day of.
Financial scholarship based on request.
% of total class sales will be donated to the Pride Center.

For any additional information contact: Kenzie McDonald