Pica-Pica Filipino Cuisine’s New Year's Eve Dinner Celebration!

From 12/31/18 5:00 pm until 12/31/18 9:00 pm
Posted by Taylor Small
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Authentic 4-Course Filipino cuisine, served family-style (all-you-can-eat) in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Start off with small plates or appetizers, then with noodles (for 'long-life'). A selection of main meal follows, and capped off with a variety of Filipino cakes and pastries. Dinner comes with a glass of Cava Spanish sparkling wine, along with a commemorative champagne flute to take home! Partyers also go home with New Year's Eve swags such as noise-makers, hats, etc.

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/312796776233069/