GLAM Salsa Dancing & Lessons

From 01/05/18 6:30 pm until 01/05/18 8:30 pm
Posted by Taylor Small

Come and learn all about Salsa dancing with our favorite instructor, Eingel! Eingel has over four years of experience in teaching the art of Salsa and has danced in New York City and Montreal.

More about the venue: SalsaLina is a privately owned dance studio, offering high-quality Latin Dance instruction and practice sessions in a modern, friendly atmosphere. The studio was inspired by the enthusiasm of local dancers, hungry for new and challenging styles of dance. Basic classes are designed around the repetition of footwork, steps, and turns, leading and following skills. The goal is to get everybody comfortable with basic dance fundamentals and techniques. These classes are suitable for anyone who has never danced or would like to better their rudiments.

Lessons are free for all who would like to attend.

If you have any accessibility concerns, please let us know at your earliest convenience and we will work to find a solution with you.