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After Dark: Gay Sex Education

From 02/27/19 6:30 pm until 02/27/19 8:00 pm

"AFTER DARK" is a space for young gay/bi/trans men to discuss the INS, OUTS, DO's and DON'Ts of gay sex. Think of it as a gay-themed sex education class we never got in high school.

This high-energy group is facilitated by the Health & Wellness program at Pride Center of Vermont and includes free dinner, games, and Q&A sessions regarding things like condom use, PrEP, STD prevention, and lube tips for anal sex.

RSVP is mandatory. In order to preserve the integrity of our purpose as an HIV Prevention program, this chat is only open to gay/bi/trans men ages 18-35.

Please email glam@pridecentervt.org or call (802)860-7812 for more information or to reserve your spot!

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