SASS: A Queer Social + 90s Dance Party

From 04/14/17 9:00 pm until 04/14/17 11:59 pm
Posted by Carlos Gonzalez

SASS: Queer Social +90s Dance Party 
Friday, April 14
Higher Ground Showcase

9pm - The BFF Game! Like Newlyweds, but for besties competing for prizes against other besties. Hosted by GLAM from Pride Center of Vermont. Keep an eye out for VT CARES safe sex tabling for all your questions and free safer sex gear needs! 

10pm - Dancing to DJ Llu & DJ Chia 90s favorites!

11:30pm - A special 90s throwback performance by Emoji Nightmare +Nikki Champagne!

18+ $5 advance/$10 day of
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SASS: A Monthly Queer Social And Dance Party is a collaborative Pop-Up! Queer Dance Party production. Held once a month on the 2nd weekend of the month (Fridays or Saturdays), we turn Higher Ground fiercely queer for a night.Featuring a warm up hour of a social "activity" (perfect for introverts and non-dance party folks) from 9-10pm and then a bumping dance party headlines by DJ Llu and a rotating crew of DJ friends like DJ Chia and Rob Douglas.SASS is for the whole queer community - anyone who identifies outside or inside of gender or sexuality norms. 18+ $5 advance or $10 day of the party.Making queer space has always been an act of resistance and in this new age of Trump, making joyful, connective, social queer space is even more radical. Come make new friends, meet new loves, network with other community organizers, or just let loose for a night every month with us.We aim to create intentionally inclusive and safe space for all patrons and we ask that you partner with us by vibe watching for inappropriate, dangerous, or non-consensual behaviors.We also ask that everyone come scent free to the party, so that our chemical sensitive queer community members can attend without their health being compromised.SASS's proud and pretty producing collective are Noah Dictive, Nikki Champagne, and DJ Llu.A quick note on our use of the term "queer." This word has had a complex history, including being used as a pejorative term against men who acted effeminate (freakin misogyny, ugh). Back in the 80s some in the LGBT community began reclaiming the word queer as a more inclusive term to recognize all genders and sexualities, to break those binaries down, and to be a more diverse, fluid, and umbrella term than the LGBT (which in full length is actually: LGBTQQIAAP (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Allies, and Pansexual), but that still leaves out many genders and sexualities (and is ridiculously long). While this term is not embraced by all, especially the older LGBT folks, it is a term now used for nearly 40 years by a growing number of younger folks and has expanded to include academic theory and join the LGBT as the Q in the community acronym.Pop-Up intentionally chose to use the word "queer" six years ago when we were founded, because our co-founders (DJ Llu and Chopper) both identify as queer folks and at the time (and still today) there were only cis-gendered spaces for the LGBT community to gather. Hence, we decided to manifest "decidedly queer" vibrant social space and have been doing so at venues around Burlington, nearly every month, ever since.SAVE THE FOLLOWING SASS WEEKEND DATES
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