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Checking out a book?library2

What do I have to do to check out a book? Checking out a book is easy just bring the book to the front desk. The person at the desk will write down the title of the book and your name in the library notebook along with the date you borrowed the book.

How long can I keep the book?

Bringing back checked out books is on the honor system. Please return books when you are finished with them.

What do I do with it when I return it?

Please give all returned books to the person at the Front Desk. They will shelve it accordingly.



Donation Policy

The RU12? Library accepts gifts of materials, including books for adults and children, audio books, DVDs and VHS tapes,  that reflect the RU12? mission of providing a safe environment for the GLBT community but reserves the right to evaluate and dispose of them in accordance with the criteria applied to purchased materials. Unless the donor would like the donated materials back, the materials not in accordance with the library’s objectives and policies or are duplicates of materials already in the library  will be sold and  the monies used for the purchase of desired library resources. No gift materials will be accepted with “strings attached.”  We welcome cash donations for the purchase of materials in memory or honor of a person. A “wish list” of desired books is also available. 

Gift materials should be left at the front desk with a slip listing the donor’s name, address and contact number or email address and any information regarding the donated materials. 


Books and other materials as mentioned above in the donation policy will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • The materials are not homophobic, transphobic, sexist or racist unless they are of historical value (i.e. pre-Stonewall).
  • The materials are of recent origin or edition, especially as regards to nonfiction. 
  • The materials are in good condition (not written in, highlighted, stained, pages missing, etc.). 
  • The materials are not duplicates of materials already in the library.
  • The materials are reflective of the RU12? mission of providing a safe environment for the GLBT community. 


We have a wish list of titles we would love to have on our library shelves.  You can access this list at Amazon.com

We welcome feedback from users regarding the library policies and procedures. Please email thecenter@ru12.org or talk to a staff member if you have any thoughts.